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I've always been an artist, as long as I can remember. It was one of those things I was drawn to, as long as I could create I wanted to do it. Paint, ink, charcoal, clay, metal, if it could be used to create I did it.

Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that affected the creative side of my brain, and medications that hindered my ability to think clearly. Unfortunately I had to have surgery or I'd die. A year of physical therapy and radiation and chemo therapy later I was able to think clearly and create again. The problem was a side effect of the surgery left me a slight tremor in my hands.

Photography became my salvation. Tripods and stabilization were available everywhere I looked. They allowed me to continue to create and show the world how I viewed it. Dark and gritty or bright and vibrant, I use everything I've learned and continue to learn for the sake of creating. It's just who I am.

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