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ig: @kristina_nicolina

Kristina went to Penn State University with no clear idea for a major. A close friend noticed her penchant and love for helping children and suggested a career in education. At first, it was a thrilling career, shaping little minds into future learners and leaders, but soon that became too much like "a job.”
After taking a much-needed break, Kristina rediscovered a passion she has held since her teenage years. She once again picked up a camera and spent countless hours capturing and editing thousands of images in order to hone her craft. She was rewarded for her hard work with a solo photography exhibit in her home town.
Her exhibit sparked a flame inside her that still burns to this day. The burning for the perfect shot. The striving for the perfect composition. Kristina believes that she has yet to take her best image, and it is this desire that fuels her ambition for perfection in every frame she shoots.



ig: @chefjane
Chef Jane worked as a private chef for over 25 years. She specialized in restricted diets, including GFCF. She was very involved with the autistic community in Southwest Florida and was, for years, in the resources list for Autism Speaks.
After retiring Jane dedicated her time to volunteer work, 

She loves poetry and together with Kris founded the @raw_kingdom on Instagram being @raw_community the mother of all RAW pages.


ig: @tsphotography95 & @tori.s.designs

Tori is a writer, editor, and artist who plays with photography in her free time. She has years of experience editing various types of writing from poetry to fiction to dissertations and more. Tori is a passionate poet and artist herself. Writing has been a huge part of her life for as long as she can remember. Tori has been doing pottery for the last two years and has found a part of herself through that endeavor. You can find her photography on instagram @tsphotography95 and her pottery @tori.s.designs.

Kim Bechard


ig & Vero: @naturesbeautyny
Kim Bechard is a mom of 2 and a grandmother of 1. She is an Administrator of 3 RAW Instagram pages and 4 RAW Vero pages. Kim also helps on the Raw Journal and is busy behind the scenes keeping the RAW website Fresh and up to date. She works at a local school district but her favorite hobby is photography. Her late uncle, who was a Vietnam Vet, had his photos published of the War and owned his own photography store. He taught her the art of photography. She loves to take nature photos and also challenge herself with new subjects. She did some photography for the school yearbook. Some of her works are on display in the buildings and websites in the county in which she resides. Photography is her passion. Find her on Instagram and Vero: @Naturesbeautyny

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