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Writing ​​

We want to read pieces that surprise us, make us think, make us wish that we had written them. We want writing that grabs us, conveys a unique perspective… is raw, honest, intellectual, imaginative. We want to see the concrete and the abstract. We want writing that elicits emotional reactions. Works that manipulate the written word in unexpected ways. We may not know what exactly we are looking for in a particular issue until we read it. We want to see works that are nothing like what we’ve ever read before, that describe or show something in a way different than anything else.So, be different, be unusual, be weird, be unique! Be a little bit edgy and twisted; be experimental and innovative. Be elegant or jagged or somewhere in between. Show us the human condition. Show us the world. The past. The present. The future. Show us you. Show us anything! Show us your mastery of language. Show us your craft, your ideas, pieces that leave us thinking long after we’ve finished reading them and pieces that we want to read over and over again. We want to see your creativity.   


Photography & Art

We want to see all types of photography and artwork. All genres and mediums. Send us your landscapes, macros, edits, nature, interiors, still-life, food, etc. We want to see it all! Show us your unique style and your love for photography. Send us artwork of all mediums. We want to see all types of art, whether it be watercolors, alcohol ink, acrylic, composites, graphics, sketches, illustrations, etc. Show us how you express yourself. Show us your passion for art. Let us get enwrapped in the world you are sharing with us! Bring us into your world through your photography and/or artwork.

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